The port

Aerial view

Cruise Pavilion

The cruise terminal, situated 100 meters / 328 ft from the tender docks is a multifunctional building from which the tour excursions depart. It also houses visitor information, public telephone, self-service computer and iPads, free wifi and restrooms.

Anchoring in Gaspé Bay

Gaspé is mainly a tender port where ships anchor in the large protected harbor of Gaspé Bay. The tender ride to shore is a safe and short one.

  • Geographical anchorage coordinates
    N48°50'440’’ / O64°27'140’’ (other safe anchorage points are available)

  • General slope of bottom
    No major slope, even at bottom

  • Minimum depth of anchorage
    15m / 49 ft

  • Tidal movement
    1.9 m / 6,2 ft
  • Dominants winds
    east/west, average of 12 to 18 knots

  • Ship to shore
    1,6 km / 1 mile

  • Marine references
    Charts # 4416 and 4485 Canadian Hydrographic Service
    Latitude 48° 49' 67'' N Longitude 64° 28'  45''W
  • Tender docks 
    The floating docks are quality infrastructures and double in width, which makes them stable and safe. They are partially covered and wheelchair accessible. 

  • Floating dock length
    82 m / 269,3 ft

  • Minimum depth
    4 m / 13,1 ft


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